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WMS12 WMS16 Melon Baller
Wood mixing spoon
Our Price: $1.50 ea.
Wood mixing spoon
Our Price: $2.00 ea.
Melon Baller
Our Price: $3.50 ea
Wood mixing spoon, 12"L Wood mixing spoon, 16"L Melon Baller, double, 26mm and 30mm bowls, wood handle
SPA-8 Pail Opener Basting Cover
Ice Cream Spade
Our Price: $4.95 ea.
Pail Opener
Our Price: $7.50 ea
Basting Cover
Our Price: $7.95 ea
Ice Cream Spade, 9" long, 18/8 stainless steel, black bakelite handle Pail Opener, 8-7/16" x 1-7/16" x 2-3/4", aluminum
Grill Basting Cover, 6" dia, round, dome shape, with black knob, aluminum
Cheese Wire 8401 Garlic Press
Cheese Wire
Our Price: $8.50 ea
Egg Ring
Our Price: $9.50 set
Garlic Press
Our Price: $9.50 ea
Cheese Slicer, 44" long, with 18/8 stainless steel wire, (2) polyethylene handles
Egg Ring, 3" dia., non-stick coating, stainless steel handle (set of 2) Garlic Press, 7-2/5" long, aluminum alloy
Basting Cover Steak Weight Mixing Paddle
Basting Cover
Our Price: $9.95 ea
Steak Weight
Our Price: $12.00 ea
Mixing Paddle
Our Price: $12.75 ea
Basting Cover, 10" x 2", round, Bakelite knob, aluminum Steak Weight, 1 lb., 4-1/4" x 8-1/4", cast aluminum
Stirring Paddle, 48", wood
Steak Weight FFB-SSDH D-32GSA
Steak Weight
Our Price: $14.50 ea
French Fry Bagger
Our Price: $17.75 ea.
Our Price: $19.50 ea.
Steak Weight, 2.5 lbs., 5-1/4" x 9", cast iron
French Fry Bagger, 8"L x 9"W, dual bakelite handles, stainless steel Dipper, 1 qt. capacity, 12-1/2" handle, stainless steel
Colander FAK-25 Colander
Our Price: $35.00 ea
First aid kit
Our Price: $39.00 ea.
Our Price: $45.00 ea
Colander, 11 qt., 15" dia. 5-3/4"H, with base & handles, aluminum
First aid kit, 25 person, meets OSHA standards; assorted gauze pads, cotton adhesive tape, surgical gauze, strip adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, eye pads, large adhesive bandages, cotton applicator, scissors, antiseptic/burn ointment, inhalants Colander, 16 qt., 16-1/2" dia. x 7-1/8"H, with base & handles, aluminum
Mixing Paddle SLO-16
Mixing Paddle
Our Price: $49.00 ea
Our Price: $69.00 ea.
Mixing Paddle, 48", stainless steel
Colander, 16 qt., 16-1/2" dia. x 7-1/2", round, medium size holes, heavy duty, stainless steel